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Honey Sales

On July 1, 2013 an amendment to § 3.2-5130 of the Code of Virginia went into effect that expanded the types of prepared foods individuals can make and sell from their homes or at farmers markets without VDACS inspection including certain low risk foods and acidified vegetables.

§ 3.2-5130 of the Code of Virginia

This is an extract pertaining to the sale of honey:

III. Honey Processing (§ 3.2-5130, item A.5) 

What is the criteria for the exemption? 

  • Private homes where the resident processes and prepares pure honey produced by his own hives
  • The resident sells less than 250 gallons of honey annually.
  • The resident does not process and sell other food products in addition to the honey, except as allowed above
    (ie: low risk foods and acidified foods).

What types of home-processed honey products are NOT allowed? 

  • Infused honey products would not fall under the exemption as it is considered to be value-added honey product, not pure honey. 

What are the labeling requirements for home-processed honey? 
The product is labeled 

  • WARNING: Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year Old
  • In addition, this exemption does not preclude the need for standard labeling information on the product label (name of product, name and address of the manufacturer, distributor, or packer, net weight statement, an ingredient statement and possibly nutritional information).

Where can I sell these products and who can I sell them to? 

  • Currently there are not restrictions regarding where the products can be sold and who they may be sold to.

For the complete fact sheet see:

Kitchen bill fact sheet

If you have questions or concerns please contact the VDACS Food Safety and Security Program at: 
Phone: 804-786-3520

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