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NVBA encourages local beekeepers to purchase locally produced nucs and queens. Check out the Nuc Sellers Forum to see what is available from club members.

Please recognize that locally produced nucs will be available later in the spring (April, May, June) than packages or nucs purchased from the south.

NVBA does not endorse any of the vendors listed below, we provide them as a general service.

NVBA Nuc Sellers Forum    VA     Local nuc sellers in Northern Va

AZ Hives North America VA   - Alexandria, Va  -  specializing in import and sale of traditional and Langstroth-size frame Slovenian AŽ hives. We also carry frames, Slovenian čebelnjaki “bee houses”, frame stands and traditional tools for working with AŽ hives.

Bjorn Apiary                  Lewisberry, PA    Nucs, Queens, Mason Bees   

CFC Farm Home            Warrenton Va Location     Packages, queens, equipment

Eversweet Apiaries       Kearneysville, WV   Equipment, Nucs, Packages

Hive House Apiaries Shepherdstown, WV beekeeping supplies, equipment, education, queens, locally raised bees, and local honey - Official Mann Lake Dealer

MD Honey Company    Gaithersburg, MD      Equipment, Nucs, Packages   

Windsong Apiaries        Castleton, VA      Nucs, Packages, Queens

Woodcamp Farm           Mount Airy, MD   Nucs, packages, queens, Carniolan Queens   

The Bee Store                Lake Ridge, VA    Equipment

TIM PERKINS 540-699-7644     Packages

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