Mentoring Objective:
To guide and assist new beekeepers in all aspects of their first beekeeping year. The year will begin around February with the beekeeping classes and continue through early spring management of the following year.

New Beekeeper Responsibilities:

  1. Provide contact information to Mentor and agree on the best form of contact
  2. Respect your mentor's time and privacy
    1. be punctual when visiting
    2. Have all equipment assembled, painted, reviewed and ready for your package or nuc when it arrives
    3. In order to have your questions ready, we suggest writing them down in advance.
  3. Keep a detailed log or journal
  4. Be a good student.  Please do not rely on your mentor for all of your info for keeping bees. Your mentor is your guide, please use all of the resources you have to do research, learn and find answers you have in addition to asking your mentor. There is much more to beekeeping than the beginner class and your mentor can provide you. Never stop learning.
    1. Become familiar with beekeeping terms
    2. Build your Library (small though it may be)

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Contact your student(s) and agree on a preferred form of communication
  2. Help the new beekeeper(s) map out a schedule to get everything ready for installing their packages or nucs.
  3. Plan a date to visit your student to help evaluate the appropriateness of their set up, but refrain from working in their hives.
  4. Invite your students to watch and participate when conducting hive management activities in your apiary.  
  5. Present the facts. It's okay to share your opinions but make clear which are which. Remember that the protege's objective is to learn. Your task is to teach. That means teaching not just what you personally do and believe, but what other theories about beekeeping say as well.

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